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[Booklet] Foundation LM on Horticulture Crops

[fa icon="calendar'] 24/10/16 posted in Foundation LM, Strawberries, Hort Crops, Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower

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Foundation LM is an innovative fertiliser biocatalyst that can be used within a grower's existing fertility program across a wide variety of crops—including horticultural crops—to increase nutrient availability and improve plant performance. It is specifically formulated for use with liquid applications, including in-furrow and injection applications with liquid fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides.

Learn how Foundation LM benefits horticulture crop programs by downloading our booklet, "Foundation LM: Horticulture Crops." 

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Foundation LM on Strawberries: Plant Coverage & Berry Uniformity

[fa icon="calendar'] 17/10/16 posted in Foundation LM, Strawberries, Hort Crops

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In the heart of the Granite Belt, Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist Michael Bednarz has been recommending Foundation LM in the horticulture market for the past few years because of the consistently strong results he has seen, both in his first-hand trialling and in the results of the growers he consults with. 

This season, Michael designed a two-block trial of Foundation LM for a strawberry grower, confident the grower would see a great return on his investment.

The first block consisted of the grower's standard fertility practice plus 10 L/ha of Foundation LM applied through fertigation. In the second block, the same treatment was applied along with a subsequent 10 L/ha application of Foundation LM through fertigation three months after the initial treatment. Both blocks were compared to the grower's standard practice alone. 

As the growing season progressed, Michael and the grower noted increased plant coverage in the raised beds treated with Foundation LM, as well as an increase in berry uniformity.  

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Foundation LM Giving a Fantastic Start to Queensland Strawberries

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/03/16 posted in Foundation LM, Strawberries, Hort Crops

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This season, a nursery in Southern Queensland was able to produce fantastic crop of green-top strawberry runners thanks to Foundation LM.  The picture below shows the runners being harvested in mid-March. The Landmark agronomist who visited the nursery reports that this was the earliest crop ever due to the good roots. 

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