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Improving Feed Quality by Increasing Pasture Nutrient Uptake

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/03/20 posted in Plant Health & Nutrition, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Applying Basis XC-treated single superphosphate (SSP) in dryland pasture considerably increased phosphorus and calcium uptake, a winter 2019 trial in the mid-southeast found, leading to improvements in feed quality.

Treated and untreated SSP was applied to dryland pasture, consisting of lucerne and annual grasses established on calcareous sands, prior to the break of the season (mid-April 2019). Tissue and feed quality tests were later taken on the 27th of August.

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Basis XC Improves Phosphorus Availability, Helpful When Sowing Late

[fa icon="calendar'] 27/05/18 posted in Plant Health & Nutrition, Basis XC

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Phosphorus is required early in a plant’s growth cycle, when it is key to good plant establishment and early vigour. But, like other nutrients, it must have time to break down into plant-available forms. Increasing the availability of phosphorus in early growth stages helps improve crop establishment and can positively influence yield potential.  

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Understanding Soil Microbiology & Biochemistry

[fa icon="calendar'] 14/11/16 posted in Ag Biologicals/Biostimulants, Plant Health & Nutrition, Soil

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The soil is a living environment, full of organisms that influence plant growth and health. These organisms include visible inhabitants like earthworms, as well as a multitude of invisible, microscopic inhabitants like bacteria and fungi. Plants—through their growing roots—are also part of this living environment. Many of the interactions among these inhabitants occur through biochemical signalling, particularly in the rhizosphere.

Soil microbes and the biochemical compounds they make play a major role in nutrient release and nutrient use efficiency.

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