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Basis XC Enhances MAP Fertiliser Application in Spring Wheat Trial

[fa icon="calendar'] 26/04/20 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this Nutrien Ag Solutions wheat trial, MAP fertiliser was treated with Basis XC to test its ability to influence nutrient availability and uptake from the granular fertiliser application. Basis XC was applied on the MAP fertiliser at 2L/tonne. The treated MAP was then applied in the paddock at the same rate as untreated MAP (30kg/ha).

At harvest, treating MAP with Basis XC led to a wheat yield increase of +108kg/ha compared to untreated fertiliser. 

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Maximising Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cropping & Pasture Systems

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/04/20 posted in Foundation LM, Wheat, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Our latest webinar, "Maximising Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cropping & Pasture Systems of Australia," is now available to watch online.

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How fertiliser inputs break down and cycle in the soil after application, including the role played by soil microbiology
  • How efficiently fertiliser inputs are taken up by the crop
  • How two technologies - Basis XC and Foundation LM - can have a positive influence on fertiliser practices and maximise yield potential in agronomic programs
  • Recent results with Basis XC in cropping and pasture trials
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Wheat Yield Improvement with Basis XC-Treated Starter Fertiliser

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/01/20 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this wheat trial conducted last season in Murray Bridge, SA, treating MAP starter fertiliser with Basis XC improved wheat yield and showed a positive return on investment for the grower, even under dry conditions. 

Growing season rainfall was under 100 mm. The three treatments that were evaluated were:

  • 65kg/ha MAP
  • 75kg/ha MAP
  • 65kg/ha MAP + Basis XC
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Basis XC Enhancing Wheat Growth in Western Australia Trial

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/07/19 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this wheat trial near Esperance, Western Australia, Basis XC is proving its value by enhancing early wheat growth. The root systems of the young wheat plants are noticeably more developed where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied as compared to areas where untreated fertiliser was used. NDVI imagery from the trial supports this observation, indicating greater plant health where Basis XC has been used. 

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Basis Technology Applied on Over One Million Hectares in Australia

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/01/19 posted in Canola, Wheat, Basis, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Barley

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What do more than one million Australian hectares have in common? Basis technology from Loveland Agri Products.

Since being introduced in 2014, fertiliser treated with Basis or Basis XC has been applied on over one million hectares in Australia, and this technology is becoming the standard in many cropping and intensive pasture districts across Australia. This is an outstanding success for a biologically derived nutrient-enhancing product, with growers coming back time and again for Basis XC on their fertiliser after seeing the benefits of improved nutrient use efficiency and enhanced crop performance.

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Rapid Wheat Germination with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 14/11/18 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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This demonstration shows how using Basis XC can accelerate and enhance wheat germination by improving nutrient release from granular fertiliser.

Seventeen Basis XC-treated fertiliser granules were mixed into the soil in the tray on the right, while untreated fertiliser granules were used in the tray on the left. As you can see, wheat germination is significantly advanced in the tray where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied.

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[Watch Now] Granular Fertiliser Efficiency Webinar

[fa icon="calendar'] 25/03/18 posted in Canola, Pulse Crops, Wheat, Webinars, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Videos

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Learn how to get all of the nutrition you can from your granular fertiliser by viewing our recent webinar, "Improving Granular Fertiliser Efficiency for Higher Yields & Profits.

This on-demand webinar reviews:

    • How you can enhance your fertiliser program and increase yield potential by improving the nutrient availability of your granular fertiliser
    • What Basis XC is and how it improves P and K efficiency
    • Results of recent trials in wheat, canola, pasture and pulse crops

Watch the Webinar

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Wheat Yield Gains with Basis XC in South Australia 

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/03/18 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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Trials from South Australia continue to show wheat yield gains when Basis XC is used with granular fertilisers to improve nutrient availability and enhance nutrient utilisation by the crop.

In a wheat crop in South Hummocks, SA, DAP fertiliser (24:16:00) was applied at a base rate of 100kg/ha. Where the fertiliser was treated with Basis XC (2L/tonne of DAP), the grower had a yield increase of approximately 275kg/ha compared to untreated. There was also a significant increase in wheat quality, from ASW to H1.

Visit our interactive content hub for the latest booklets, studies and webinars  on Basis XC


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Superior Wheat Performance with Basis XC in South Australia Trials

[fa icon="calendar'] 28/11/17 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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These photos from several trial sites in South Australia show some of the outstanding visual responses to Basis XC in wheat this year. In the photos, you can see that Basis XC has improved wheat performance both above ground and below. The most frequent visual response is a more vigorous and extensive root system. Additionally, NDVI imagery from the South Hummocks trial site demonstrates how, by improving granular fertiliser efficiency, Basis XC can also improve the yield response in wheat. Basis XC was applied on granular fertiliser at 2 L/tonne in all trials.

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Wheat and Lupins Show Strong Response to Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/10/17 posted in Wheat, Basis XC, Lupins

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Wheat and lupins have been showing a strong response to Basis XC-treated granular fertiliser in these Cooke Plains, South Australia trials.

In the photos below (taken in mid-August), wheat from the treated side of the paddock shows more vigour and darker colour compared to wheat from the untreated side. 

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