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Starter Fertiliser with Foundation LM Gives Sorghum Crop Extra Boost

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/09/19 posted in Foundation LM, Sorghum

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In three recent on-farm trials in grain sorghum, using a starter fertiliser consisting of liquid phosphorus and zinc with Foundation LM led to an average yield improvement of 653.50kg/ha (with an ROI of ~10:1) compared to no starter. The grower had previously trialled liquid starters—ones that did not include the Foundation LM biocatalyst—with no success.

The trials were conducted in G33 variety sorghum at three sites in Gurley, New South Wales. The soil was grey-black vertosol. Starter fertiliser with Foundation LM ("Liquid Boost Start") was applied at 7L/ha with water (80L/ha) and compared to water only (80-100L/ha). Yield data was collected by three S680 headers with GS3 and processed via Echelon.

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Fresh Market Tomato Trial Demonstrates Higher Brix with Foundation LM

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/12/18 posted in Foundation LM, Hort Crops, Tomatoes

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An unreplicated strip trial was conducted in a commercial tomato crop in Bowen, Queensland in 2017 to evaluate Foundation LM for the production of field-grown tomatoes. This third-party evaluation found a significant increase in brix levels, an important indicator of fruit quality, when Foundation LM was added to the grower's standard program (GSP) for the production of fresh market tomatoes.

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Replicated Trial Shows Increase in Almond Weight, Length and Yield with Loveland Nutritional Program

[fa icon="calendar'] 6/12/18 posted in Foundation LM, Almonds, Tree Crops

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An external trial conducted in an orchard of nonpareil almonds in Angle Vale, South Australia revealed an increase in nut weight, length and yield with a program that included Foundation LM, Awaken, LoKomotive and NutriSync D. Results were consistent with earlier data collected from a third-party almond trial in New South Wales. The data indicates that this program in almonds may carry over wide climatic zones, as well as a variety of soil and water types.

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[Cotton Planting] How to Enhance Cotton Growth with Early Season Technologies

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/09/18 posted in Foundation LM, Cotton

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Australian cotton has a reputation for high quality and high productivity, boasting yields that are more than three times the world average. The Loveland Agri Products’ range can help cotton growers maintain their leading edge and maximise their return on investment by setting the stage for a high performing crop early in the growing season.

The new Superior Cotton Planting guide focuses on three key Loveland products that can be used to enhance the growth and performance of irrigated and dryland cotton:

  • Foundation LM - a biochemical catalyst for liquid fertilisers
  • Radiate - a plant growth regulator technology
  • LoKomotive - a liquid potassium acetate formulation
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[Watch] Early Season Technologies to Increase Cotton Production

[fa icon="calendar'] 23/09/18 posted in Foundation LM, Webinars, Cotton

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During "Early Season Technologies to Increase Cotton Production," you will hear about two technologies—Foundation LM and Radiate—that can improve cotton production by providing benefits such as increased nutrient availability, enhanced root growth and improved stress tolerance.

During the webinar, you'll see: 

  • What Foundation LM and Radiate are
  • How these products can maximise yield potential in an agronomic program on cotton
  • Recent trial results in cotton

Watch the Webinar

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How Early Season Applications of Foundation LM & Radiate Can Benefit Cotton Crops

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/09/18 posted in Foundation LM, Cotton

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For a high-performing cotton crop, growers need to set the stage for success early in the growing season. In this short video, you'll hear from a cotton agronomist how early season applications of Foundation LM and Radiate can support plant health and maximise cotton yield potential by providing benefits such as enhanced rooting, improved nutrient uptake and increased resistance to plant stress. 

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Foundation LM Application Helps Irrigated Cotton Crop Achieve Higher Yields

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/09/18 posted in Foundation LM, Cotton

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An irrigated cotton trial harvested in 2017 in Wee Waa, New South Wales demonstrates the ability of Foundation LM to help cotton crops achieve higher yields when this biocatalyst is added to a grower's standard fertiliser practice (GSP).

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Understanding the Biochemistry in Foundation LM and Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/04/18 posted in Foundation LM, Ag Biologicals/Biostimulants, Basis XC

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Foundation LM and Basis XC contain concentrated biochemistry that helps growers increase nutrient availability to their crops, enhance root growth and functioning, and improve overall plant performance. But, what exactly is biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. It is created by, in, and from living organisms, such as soil microbes. A number of different biochemistries are created by soil microbes—each serving an important role in soil microbial functioning, and even in plant functioning.

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[Booklet] Foundation LM on Tree Crops

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/04/18 posted in Foundation LM, Macadamias, Apples, Tree Crops, Citrus

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Foundation LM can be used to improve the performance of a wide variety of crops, including tree crops such as macadamias, apples and citrus.

Our tree crop booklet explains how the proven technology in Foundation LM helps tree crop growers get more out of their fertility programs by:

  • Mineralising nutrient sources to increase nutrient availability 
  • Enhancing root growth and function
  • Facilitating nutrient uptake
  • Improving water penetration
  • Reducing salt stress
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Increase in Almond Yield with Loveland Agri Products Program

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/10/17 posted in Foundation LM, Hort Crops, Almonds

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During the 2016/2017 growing season, a production-scale field trial was conducted to evaluate a Loveland Agri Products nutritional program on nonpareil almonds. Overall, it showed that incorporating Loveland's products into the farm nutrition program was beneficial, increasing almond yield during the trial.

The trial took place at a commercial almond orchard in New South Wales under the agronomic supervision of Landmark Griffith

Trees from two sections of the orchard were treated with the Loveland Agri Products program and compared to trees from two untreated blocks. The Loveland program included Awaken and LoKomotive (used in replacement of potassium nitrate and an NPK/trace nutrients product), as well as Foundation LM and NutriSync D. The orchard’s normal nutrition program was otherwise applied, with no other differences between the treated and untreated blocks. An independent research group (SGS of Mildura) harvested and assessed the crop, comparing fruit yield, kernel length, kernel weight and crack-out from the treated and untreated areas.   

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