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Improvement in Canola Yield with Basis-Treated MAP in West Australia

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/02/19 posted in Canola, Basis

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A canola trial in Esperance, Western Australia, shows the benefits of using Basis to enhance nutrient availability from granular fertilisers.  

In this trial, Basis* was applied onto MAP Trace fertiliser (80 kg) and compared to MAP Trace alone. The canola seeding date was 1st May 2018. In canola plants sampled on 10th July 2018, there was a significant increase in root mass where Basis-treated fertiliser had been applied. 

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Basis Technology Applied on Over One Million Hectares in Australia

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/01/19 posted in Canola, Wheat, Basis, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Barley

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What do more than one million Australian hectares have in common? Basis technology from Loveland Agri Products.

Since being introduced in 2014, fertiliser treated with Basis or Basis XC has been applied on over one million hectares in Australia, and this technology is becoming the standard in many cropping and intensive pasture districts across Australia. This is an outstanding success for a biologically derived nutrient-enhancing product, with growers coming back time and again for Basis XC on their fertiliser after seeing the benefits of improved nutrient use efficiency and enhanced crop performance.

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[Watch Now] Granular Fertiliser Efficiency Webinar

[fa icon="calendar'] 25/03/18 posted in Canola, Pulse Crops, Wheat, Webinars, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Videos

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Learn how to get all of the nutrition you can from your granular fertiliser by viewing our recent webinar, "Improving Granular Fertiliser Efficiency for Higher Yields & Profits.

This on-demand webinar reviews:

    • How you can enhance your fertiliser program and increase yield potential by improving the nutrient availability of your granular fertiliser
    • What Basis XC is and how it improves P and K efficiency
    • Results of recent trials in wheat, canola, pasture and pulse crops

Watch the Webinar

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Basis Fertiliser Biocatalyst a Key Part of WA Farmers' Best Season

[fa icon="calendar'] 8/02/17 posted in Canola, Wheat, Basis

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In two recent Farm Weekly articles (part 1, part 2), farmers Andrea and Carl Moltoni describe their success using Basis on their Yathroo, WA farm.  The father and son point out the dividing line in their paddock caused by the shadow of taller canola where they applied Basis-treated granular fertiliser.

Carl notes that both their canola yield and oil content are higher than average this season, with seed also bigger. His father, Andrea, who has farmed for over 50 years, says that this is the best season he has ever seen. 

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