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Basis XC Gives VIC Farmer's Crops a Better Start, Year After Year

[fa icon="calendar'] 14/06/20 posted in Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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In 2017, a Nutrien Ag Solutions customer near Shepparton, Victoria, first tried Basis XC on his starter fertiliser. Today, all of the starter fertiliser on his farm gets treated with Basis XC, a biocatalyst technology that can be applied onto granular fertilisers to enhance nutrient efficiency. 

Our farm has good background nutrition in the soil, so I decided to compare straight DAP at our usual rate of 85kg/ha to DAP treated with Basis XC at 80kg/ha," said the grower, who is a cropper and oaten hay producer. 

By slightly reducing the rate of the Basis XC-treated fertiliser in that initial trial, he felt he could better and more easily compare the two applications dollar for dollar.

Early observations of the trial showed that plants had a bigger root system, with many more finer root hairs, where Basis XC was used on the starter fertiliser. Moreover, these observations were backed up by yield results. 

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Basis XC Enhances MAP Fertiliser Application in Spring Wheat Trial

[fa icon="calendar'] 26/04/20 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this Nutrien Ag Solutions wheat trial, MAP fertiliser was treated with Basis XC to test its ability to influence nutrient availability and uptake from the granular fertiliser application. Basis XC was applied on the MAP fertiliser at 2L/tonne. The treated MAP was then applied in the paddock at the same rate as untreated MAP (30kg/ha).

At harvest, treating MAP with Basis XC led to a wheat yield increase of +108kg/ha compared to untreated fertiliser. 

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Maximising Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cropping & Pasture Systems

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/04/20 posted in Foundation LM, Wheat, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Our latest webinar, "Maximising Nutrient Use Efficiency in Cropping & Pasture Systems of Australia," is now available to watch online.

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How fertiliser inputs break down and cycle in the soil after application, including the role played by soil microbiology
  • How efficiently fertiliser inputs are taken up by the crop
  • How two technologies - Basis XC and Foundation LM - can have a positive influence on fertiliser practices and maximise yield potential in agronomic programs
  • Recent results with Basis XC in cropping and pasture trials
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Improve Feed Quality by Increasing Nutrient Uptake in Pastures

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/03/20 posted in Plant Health & Nutrition, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Applying Basis XC-treated single superphosphate (SSP) in dryland pasture considerably increased phosphorus and calcium uptake, a winter 2019 trial in the mid-southeast found, leading to improvements in feed quality.

Treated and untreated SSP was applied to dryland pasture, consisting of lucerne and annual grasses established on calcareous sands, prior to the break of the season (mid-April 2019). Tissue and feed quality tests were later taken on the 27th of August.

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Wheat Yield Improvement with Basis XC-Treated Starter Fertiliser

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/01/20 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this wheat trial conducted last season in Murray Bridge, SA, treating MAP starter fertiliser with Basis XC improved wheat yield and showed a positive return on investment for the grower, even under dry conditions. 

Growing season rainfall was under 100 mm. Three treatments were evaluated:

  • 65kg/ha MAP
  • 75kg/ha MAP
  • 65kg/ha MAP + Basis XC
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How Do Microbes Affect Nitrogen Use Efficiency?

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/10/19 posted in Foundation LM, Ag Biologicals/Biostimulants, Soil

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Despite best practices, an estimated 40% to 50% of applied nitrogen is unavailable to the crop due to immobilisation by soil microorganisms or loss from the soil through denitrification or leaching. Although some soil microorganisms contribute to this nitrogen loss or immobilisation in the soil, others can enhance the availability or stability of nitrogen in the soil or even improve root growth and physiological functions, all of which can have a positive influence on nitrogen use efficiency. 

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Starter Fertiliser with Foundation LM Gives Sorghum Crop Extra Boost

[fa icon="calendar'] 19/09/19 posted in Foundation LM, Sorghum

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In on-farm trials in grain sorghum, using a starter fertiliser consisting of liquid phosphorus and zinc with Foundation LM led to an average yield improvement of 653.50kg/ha (with an ROI of ~10:1) compared to no starter. The grower had previously trialled liquid starters—ones that did not include the Foundation LM biocatalyst—with no success.

The trials were conducted in G33 variety sorghum at three sites in Gurley, New South Wales. The soil was grey-black vertosol. Starter fertiliser with Foundation LM ("Liquid Boost Start") was applied at 7L/ha with water (80L/ha) and compared to water only (80-100L/ha). Yield data was collected by three S680 headers with GS3 and processed via Echelon.

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Gaining Greater Fertiliser Efficiency with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/08/19 posted in Basis XC

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Growers make a significant investment in their fertiliser every year. However, some fertilisers—particularly granular phosphorus and potassium (P and K) fertilisers—are not very efficient in the first season in which they are applied. Using a technology like Basis XC to increase nutrient availability and uptake can assist growers in addressing this problem and improving their fertiliser efficiency.

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Basis XC Enhancing Wheat Growth in Western Australia Trial

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/07/19 posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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In this wheat trial near Esperance, Western Australia, Basis XC is proving its value by enhancing early wheat growth. The root systems of the young wheat plants are noticeably more developed where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied as compared to areas where untreated fertiliser was used. NDVI imagery from the trial supports this observation, indicating greater plant health where Basis XC has been used. 

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Forage Brassica Shows Larger Root Systems with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/07/19 posted in Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Agronomists know that it's important to look at all aspects of crop growth—both above the ground and below—when checking on a trial. This trial evaluating Basis XC in forage brassica is a good example of why this is necessary. 

When Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomists visited the trial site near Millicent, South Australia in April, they noted that the crop, which was sown in spring on heavy peat soil with naturally high fertility levels, looked only slightly better above ground where the grower's base granular fertiliser had been treated with Basis XC. Below ground, however, the differences were obvious.

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