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Basis XC Improves Phosphorus Availability, Helpful When Sowing Late

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/28/18 9:05 AM posted in Plant Health & Nutrition, Basis XC

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Phosphorus is required early in a plant’s growth cycle, when it is key to good plant establishment and early vigour. But, like other nutrients, it must have time to break down into plant-available forms. Increasing the availability of phosphorus in early growth stages helps improve crop establishment and can positively influence yield potential.  

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Improving Pasture Feed Quality with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/15/18 9:30 AM posted in Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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Basis XC is a fertiliser treatment that acts as a catalyst, speeding up the rate that fertiliser granules break down. By using Basis XC with SSP fertilisers, graziers can speed up the release and utilisation of phosphorus and other nutrients in their pastures, which can equal more pasture growth.

"We did trials with a local grazier where we compared the quality of pasture spread with Basis XC-treated SSP versus untreated SSP," says Sam Graetz, Landmark Branch Manager at Lucindale, SA. "The quality of the pasture from the treated area was far higher than the untreated in virtually all aspects, including metabolisable energy and protein, as well as much higher nutritional levels, resulting in higher potential stocking rates."

Pasture Trial Results

A feed analysis report from that pasture trial shows that crude protein, digestibility and metabolisable energy levels increased significantly in pasture fertilised with Basis XC-treated SSP, whereas acid detergent and neutral detergent fibre (ADF and NDF) levels decreased, resulting in higher digestibility and palatability. 

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Understanding the Biochemistry in Foundation LM and Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/30/18 9:30 AM posted in Foundation LM, Ag Biologicals/Biostimulants, Basis XC

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Foundation LM and Basis XC contain concentrated biochemistry that helps growers increase nutrient availability to their crops, enhance root growth and functioning, and improve overall plant performance. But, what exactly is biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. It is created by, in, and from living organisms, such as soil microbes. A number of different biochemistries are created by soil microbes—each serving an important role in soil microbial functioning, and even in plant functioning.

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Pasture Trials Show Positive Impact of Basis XC on Dry Matter Yield

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/23/18 9:30 AM posted in Forage/Pasture, Basis XC

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In 2017, several trials were conducted to evaluate Basis XC on pastures fertilised with single superphosphate (SSP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP). The results show a positive impact on dry matter yield when the fertiliser is treated with Basis XC. Two trials are highlighted below.

Basis XC with SSP in Littlehampton, SA

In a pasture trial conducted with input from Landmark Murray Bridge in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, SSP treated with Basis XC (applied at 2L/tonne onto the fertiliser) was compared to untreated SSP across an existing, one-year old paddock containing four grass species. The treated and untreated fertiliser was applied at a rate of 130kg/ha down the allocated strips at the start of the season.

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[New Booklet] Foundation LM on Tree Crops

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/19/18 10:15 AM posted in Foundation LM, Macadamias, Apples, Tree Crops, Citrus

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Foundation LM can be used to improve the performance of a wide variety of crops, including tree crops such as macadamias, apples and citrus.

Our newest booklet explains how the proven technology in Foundation LM helps tree crop growers get more out of their fertility programs by:

  • Mineralising nutrient sources to increase nutrient availability 
  • Enhancing root growth and function
  • Facilitating nutrient uptake
  • Improving water penetration
  • Reducing salt stress
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[Watch Now] Granular Fertiliser Efficiency Webinar

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/26/18 9:30 AM posted in Canola, Pulse Crops, Wheat, Webinars, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Videos

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Learn how to get all of the nutrition you can from your granular fertiliser by viewing our recent webinar, "Improving Granular Fertiliser Efficiency for Higher Yields & Profits.

This on-demand webinar reviews:

    • How you can enhance your fertiliser program and increase yield potential by improving the nutrient availability of your granular fertiliser
    • What Basis XC is and how it improves P and K efficiency
    • Results of recent trials in wheat, canola, pasture and pulse crops

Watch the Webinar

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Join Us for a Granular Fertiliser Efficiency Webinar Next Week

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/13/18 3:00 PM posted in Webinars, Basis XC

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Are you getting all of the nutrition you can from your granular fertiliser? 

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, we invite you to join us for "Improving Granular Fertiliser Efficiency for Higher Yields & Profits" to learn how to improve the efficiency of granular fertiliser applications and optimise the yield potential of your crops. 

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Wheat Yield Gains with Basis XC in South Australia 

[fa icon="calendar'] 3/5/18 9:00 AM posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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Trials from South Australia continue to show wheat yield gains when Basis XC is used with granular fertilisers to improve nutrient availability and enhance nutrient utilisation by the crop.

In a wheat crop in South Hummocks, SA, DAP fertiliser (24:16:00) was applied at a base rate of 100kg/ha. Where the fertiliser was treated with Basis XC (2L/tonne of DAP), the grower had a yield increase of approximately 275kg/ha compared to untreated. There was also a significant increase in wheat quality, from ASW to H1.

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Superior Wheat Performance with Basis XC in South Australia Trials

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/29/17 9:05 AM posted in Wheat, Basis XC

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These photos from several trial sites in South Australia show some of the outstanding visual responses to Basis XC in wheat this year. In the photos, you can see that Basis XC has improved wheat performance both above ground and below. The most frequent visual response is a more vigorous and extensive root system. Additionally, NDVI imagery from the South Hummocks trial site demonstrates how, by improving granular fertiliser efficiency, Basis XC can also improve the yield response in wheat. Basis XC was applied on granular fertiliser at 2 L/tonne in all trials.

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New Granular Fertiliser Demo: More Breakdown with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/20/17 8:30 AM posted in Basis XC

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As farms deal with tight budgets, this simple granular fertiliser demonstration shows why Basis XC offers a sound profit opportunity for growers.

As you can see in the photos, adding Basis XC to DAP (18-46-0) and MOP (0-0-60) fertilisers has accelerated the breakdown of fertiliser granules in the treated jars. This improvement in nutrient release can translate into greater fertiliser efficiency in the paddock.

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