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Basis XC: Positive Impact on Barley When Added to Starter Fertiliser

[fa icon="calendar'] 14/05/19 posted in Basis XC, Barley

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This winter 2018 trial in barley demonstrated that adding Basis XC to starter fertiliser can have a positive impact on barley growth and yield.

The trial was conducted by Nutrien Ag Solutions Goondiwindi using MAP starter fertiliser (40kg/ha) treated with Basis XC (2L/tonne). Treated and untreated fertiliser was applied, along with 80kg/ha of urea in crop. Moisture availability was limited during the season, with only 85mm of in-crop rainfall.

Above the ground, there were few visual differences in crop between the treated and control areas of the paddock, and no distinct nutritional differences were revealed on two tissue tests taken in crop. Below the ground, however, the benefits of Basis XC were more apparent. The barley grown where Basis XC-treated fertiliser had been applied developed stronger root systems, which were first observable when the crop began to tiller. 

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Basis Technology Applied on Over One Million Hectares in Australia

[fa icon="calendar'] 29/01/19 posted in Canola, Wheat, Basis, Forage/Pasture, Basis XC, Barley

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What do more than one million Australian hectares have in common? Basis technology from Loveland Agri Products.

Since being introduced in 2014, fertiliser treated with Basis or Basis XC has been applied on over one million hectares in Australia, and this technology is becoming the standard in many cropping and intensive pasture districts across Australia. This is an outstanding success for a biologically derived nutrient-enhancing product, with growers coming back time and again for Basis XC on their fertiliser after seeing the benefits of improved nutrient use efficiency and enhanced crop performance.

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Barley & Wheat Crops Benefit from In-Furrow Injection of Foundation LM

[fa icon="calendar'] 15/05/17 posted in Foundation LM, Wheat, Barley

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A South Australian cropping farmer has been using Foundation LM to help unlock nutrients in his heavy clay soils and improve soil nutrition and structure.

After injecting Foundation LM in furrow on his farm using a Liquid Systems unit last year, farmer Peter Hannaford and Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist Craig Hole noticed a more strongly developed root system and greener stalks in Peter's barley crops. The greener stalk colour indicates better phosphorus uptake, compared to purple stalks where Foundation LM had not been injected.

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