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Augmenting Crop Nutrition with Maritime Kelp-Based Technology

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maritime crop nutrition

Maritime is a kelp-based product that can be utilised to augment a balanced crop nutrition system. One way it does this is by enhancing a plant's ability to tolerate abiotic stresses such as cold temperatures, dry conditions or salinity from applied fertilisers.

In the example from a greenhouse trial below, the ability of Maritime to assist plants in tolerating drought stress was tested by withdrawing water at the two true-leaf stage from plants grown with either water only (control) or water and Maritime. Compared to the water control, plants grown with the Maritime treatment had a better ability to tolerate acute water stress. 


Maritime can have several benefits when added to a balanced crop nutrition program, including:

  • Improved seed germination and early plant development
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Improved tolerance to stress factors such as salinity, drought and excess heat or cold
  • Enhanced soil health through improved soil microbial activity

Some of these benefits are related to the production process, which utilizes biological extraction of primary and secondary metabolites from the kelp source Ascophyllum nodosum. These metabolites serve as a food source for soil microbes and help increase nutrient and plant functioning. In addition to these metabolites, Maritime also contains an active and diverse microbial community. When applied to the soil, this community can function in the soil profile to drive more efficient microbial activity. 

The biological extraction process also gives Maritime improved handling properties due to the complete digestion of the kelp substrate during the bioextraction process, making the product very homogenous and flowable.

Maritime can be applied at any time of the growing season and may be incorporated into a grower’s standard fertiliser program or used as a separate, standalone application. It is compatible with calcium-based fertilisers and other high-load fertiliser blends. 

Learn more by downloading the Maritime tech note.

Access the MARITIME Tech Note

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