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Basis XC: Positive Impact on Barley When Added to Starter Fertiliser

[fa icon="calendar"] 14/05/19

barley-close-up-cropThis winter 2018 trial in barley demonstrated that adding Basis XC to starter fertiliser can have a positive impact on barley growth and yield.

The trial was conducted by Nutrien Ag Solutions Goondiwindi using MAP starter fertiliser (40kg/ha) treated with Basis XC (2L/tonne). Treated and untreated fertiliser was applied, along with 80kg/ha of urea in crop. Moisture availability was limited during the season, with only 85mm of in-crop rainfall.

Above the ground, there were few visual differences in crop between the treated and control areas of the paddock, and no distinct nutritional differences were revealed on two tissue tests taken in crop. Below the ground, however, the benefits of Basis XC were more apparent. The barley grown where Basis XC-treated fertiliser had been applied developed stronger root systems, which were first observable when the crop began to tiller. 

The barley in the treated area remained filling grain longer than in the control area, and was ready to harvest 10 days following the control. Overall, there was an extra 250kg/ha of barley where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied, profiting the grower over $70/ha.



The farm owner noted that Basis XC not only provided a high ROI, but was also easy to use.

"There was a noticeable yield increase from the product, and the return on investment was high, especially given grain prices at the time," said the owner. "I did not have to change any of my normal planting program, as the fertiliser arrived with Basis XC already applied. I would be happy to use Basis XC again.”

By making nutrients from starter fertiliser more readily available, Basis XC can result in the crop having a more vigorous root system and more access to moisture and nutrition. In this barley trial, this led to a longer period of grain fill and additional grain at harvest. 

Make Basis XC your choice when sowing a crop with starter. Learn more about this product by downloading the Basis XC product booklet.

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