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Basis XC Quickly Releases Nutrients from SSP

[fa icon="calendar"] 14/08/17

A crop's ability to access nutrients from granular fertilisers is dependent on how quickly the fertiliser granules break down. Treating the fertiliser with Basis XC can hasten that process, as seen in this video from a pasture trial in South Australia.

Two weeks after single superphosphate (SSP) fertiliser was spread, the untreated SSP required substantial pressure to break down, while the Basis XC-treated SSP powdered up with very little pressure applied. Approximately 40mm of rain had fallen between the fertiliser being spread and the video recorded.

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The nutrients in the Basis XC-treated granules will be far more rapidly released and available to the growing pasture.

You can see more fertiliser breakdown results with Basis XC in our timelapse video, or you can access our fertiliser breakdown featured study. 

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