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[Booklet] Foundation LM on Tree Crops

[fa icon="calendar"] 19/04/18

foundation lm tree crops fertiliser biocatalystFoundation LM can be used to improve the performance of a wide variety of crops, including tree crops such as macadamias, apples and citrus.

Our tree crop booklet explains how the proven technology in Foundation LM helps tree crop growers get more out of their fertility programs by:

  • Mineralising nutrient sources to increase nutrient availability 
  • Enhancing root growth and function
  • Facilitating nutrient uptake
  • Improving water penetration
  • Reducing salt stress

This digital booklet specifically covers:

  • How Foundation LM works
  • Product benefits in tree crops
  • Trial results in apple and macadamia trees
  • Protocols, uses and rates

Foundation LM is recommended for use both at bud break and close to fruit/nut fill for maximum benefits. It can be applied in orchards through drip and microjet irrigation systems, or via ground application through boom sprays.

Get the Foundation LM Tree Crops Booklet to learn more and to see the results in macadamia and apple tree crops.

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