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Basis Technology Applied on Over One Million Hectares in Australia

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Basis_1Million_HectaresWhat do more than one million Australian hectares have in common? Basis technology from Loveland Agri Products.

Since being introduced in 2014, fertiliser treated with Basis or Basis XC has been applied on over one million hectares in Australia, and this technology is becoming the standard in many cropping and intensive pasture districts across Australia. This is an outstanding success for a biologically derived nutrient-enhancing product, with growers coming back time and again for Basis XC on their fertiliser after seeing the benefits of improved nutrient use efficiency and enhanced crop performance.

Cropping Performance

Growers in this area consistently see around a 150-300kg/ha yield increase when using Basis XC with their MAP,” notes Geoff Berry, Nutrien Ag Solutions Donald Agronomist and Branch Manager.

A meta-analysis of 47 trials conducted in 2016 in cropping areas across Australia supports this observation, showing an average yield advantage of 3.3% over grower standard practice when Basis-treated fertiliser is used. Among these trials, the average yield increase in wheat (30 trials) was 126 kg/ha, the average yield increase in canola (8 trials) was 84 kg/ha, and the average yield increase in barley (6 trials) was 75 kg/ha.

Basis Summary Graph 2016

These numbers are being replicated in commercial operations throughout the Australian cropping belt, where Basis XC is routinely being applied to starter fertiliser.

Pasture Performance

A number of trials have also been conducted in pasture areas, where areas using Basis XC-treated fertiliser have demonstrated improved dry matter production and feed digestibility. In the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Basis XC has been especially valuable in autumn pasture topdress situations.

The enhanced nutrient availability and plant health benefits of Basis XC in pasture have been shown to increase both dry matter production and digestibility. Feed availability and feed quality over the winter months are key profit drivers for livestock producers,” says David Noble, Nutrien Ag Solutions Goulburn Agronomist and Branch Manager.

Join the movement in improving your fertiliser efficiency by talking to your local Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist about your autumn planting and top dressing requirements. You can also learn more about Basis technology by downloading the Basis XC booklet.

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