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Taking a Closer Look at Basis XC for Granular Fertiliser Blends

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Basis-XC-granular-fertiliser Basis XC is a biocatalyst that can be applied to granular fertiliser blends to accelerate fertiliser breakdown and improve crop growth. Below we answer some key questions about this innovative product.

Basis XC helps mineralise nitrogen and phosphorus from organic forms into plant-available, inorganic forms, but how does it work on potassium, gypsum or lime?

The biochemistry in Basis XC hastens the breakdown of treated fertiliser granules and will also help stimulate more root development, which results in a better ability to capture nutrients, including potassium. In addition, the biochemistry will help pull apart calcium from carbonate (lime) and sulfate (gypsum), better allowing the calcium in the applied fertiliser to be utilised.

Would you expect a better response from a low-nutrition site or a high-nutrition site?

We see responses in both low- and high-nutrition sites. If nutrition is not the limiting factor to yield and quality, the response may not be as large in a high-nutrition situation compared to a lower-nutrition situation that has more need for increased nutrient availability.

Will Basis XC-treated fertiliser applied on top of the ground be as effective as treated fertiliser placed below the soil surface?

Using Basis XC on the fertiliser increases the efficiency and uptake of nutrients regardless of placement.

Are monocots or dicots more responsive to Basis XC?

The Basis XC technology is not crop type-specific. It is designed to increase fertiliser efficiency and nutrient uptake regardless of crop type.

Can Basis XC be mixed with flutriofol?

Yes, Basis XC is compatible with flutriofol and other fungicides.

On sandy soils with low organic carbon and low CEC, will the risk of nutrient leaching increase if fertiliser is treated with Basis XC?

We have not seen any evidence that Basis XC-treated fertiliser in low-CEC, sandy soils is more susceptible to leaching than untreated fertiliser. When the Basis XC-treated fertiliser is made more readily available, more is taken up by the plants rather than leached from the system.

How much would you expect organic matter (OM) decomposition to increase where fertiliser is treated with Basis XC?

Basis XC is designed to increase availability of nutrients only from the fertiliser granules to which the product is applied. Foundation LM, which is applied to or in the soil, is the product of choice for OM decomposition due to the increased rate of concentrated biochemistry needed to break down OM.

What is the main difference between Basis XC and Foundation LM?

Basis XC is designed to coat granular fertiliser and provide increased availability and uptake of nutrients from that granule. Foundation LM is designed to help free bound nutrients in and on the soil, as well as increase the efficiency and uptake of applied liquid fertilisers, such as UAN. Basis XC treats the tonne of fertiliser, whereas Foundation LM treats the hectare of land.

Learn more by downloading the Basis XC Frequently Asked Questions booklet.

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