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Seed Potatoes Benefit from Foundation LM Application

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To evaluate the effects of the fertiliser biocatalyst Foundation LM on seed potato yield, this potato trial in Yarloop, Western Australia, compared three fertility treatments in Atlantic variety seed potatoes:

  1. Farmer's standard fertility practice alone
  2. Farmer's standard practice + 10 L/ha Foundation LM in furrow
  3. Farmer's standard practice + 10 L/ha Foundation LM in furrow + 10 L/ha Foundation LM foliar at hooking


 Planting seed potatoes for the crop demonstration. 

By increasing nutrient availability and uptake, both treatments of Foundation LM resulted in greater gross yield, seed yield and net profit per hectare compared to the farmer's standard fertiliser alone. The percent of tubers graded as seed increased from 33% (farmer's standard treatment) to 34% (Foundation LM in furrow + foliar) to 37% (Foundation LM in furrow only).

Download Foundation LM Potato Study

With the high value of seed potatoes (~$1100/T) compared to oversize (crisping) potatoes (~$400/T), this small percentage increase has a positive impact on the profitability per hectare of seed potato production. Foundation LM applied at 10L/ha in furrow was the most profitable treatment in this demonstration, with a 15% greater profit than the farmer's standard treatment.


The aim of potato seed production is for the crop to achieve a high tuber set, with the goal of tubers that reach 55-65 mm in diameter so that they can become appropriate seed potatoes. By using Foundation LM, growers can enhance nutrient availability to the plant in the early stages of development and increase the chances of maximising the tuber set, setting the crop up to produce more profitable yields.


 The in-furrow treatment of Foundation LM was applied with two spray nozzles (above), one that sprayed right before potato drop, and one that sprayed immediately after. 


See more Foundation LM potato data by downloading our potato study.

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