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Foundation LM on Potatoes: More Uniformity, Fewer Culls & More Tonnes

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Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist Adam Chapman first learned the results of this particular Foundation LM processing potato trial when grower Peter Bendotti called him to inquire, “What in the world did you apply to these spuds?!

Peter, who farms in Pemberton, Western Australia, was impressed. Where Foundation LM had been used, his Atlantic and Mac Russet potato varieties were coming back with more uniformity, fewer culls and more tonnage—putting more money per hectare into his pocket compared to spuds grown with just his usual fertiliser program.

You can hear Peter talk about his experience with Foundation LM in this video:





In the trial, a ~1 hectare block with two potato varieties (Atlantic & Mac Russet) was treated with Foundation LM applied at 10 L/ha in furrow at planting with the grower's standard fertiliser (a potato mix applied at 2500 kg/ha banded). One treatment also included an additional 10 L/ha of Foundation LM foliar applied at hooking. The soil had a very high phosphorus-binding capacity.

Foundation LM treatment was associated with an increase of 3,000 to 16,000 calculated tonnes per hectare compared to the grower's standard fertiliser program alone, as seen below. Results by grade are also shown below.




Foundation LM (10 L/ha) being applied in-furrow with streaming nozzles at planting, close to the seed. 

Based on his trial results, Peter will continue to use Foundation LM to make his fertiliser program more effective and more profitable.

Foundation LM is a fertiliser biocatalyst, specifically formulated for use with liquid fertiliser applications via fertigation, in-furrow injection or broadcast applications. It contains concentrated biochemistry that helps improve the efficiency of applied liquid fertilisers and improve the availability of nutrients within the soil profile.  

Learn more about Foundation LM and its potential for your growing program by downloading the Foundation LM product brochure.

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