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How Early Season Applications of Foundation LM & Radiate Can Benefit Cotton Crops

[fa icon="calendar"] 19/09/18

For a high-performing cotton crop, growers need to set the stage for success early in the growing season. In this short video, you'll hear from a cotton agronomist how early season applications of Foundation LM and Radiate can support plant health and maximise cotton yield potential by providing benefits such as enhanced rooting, improved nutrient uptake and increased resistance to plant stress. 


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Foundation LM
is a biocatalyst that can be applied at planting to increase nutrient availability and improve uptake from liquid fertilisers and soil nutrient sources. Radiate is an APVMA-registered formulation of plant growth hormones that can be applied at the 2-6 true leaf stage to improve cotton root growth and reduce plant stress. 

Foundation LM and Radiate are both available from Loveland Agri Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Watch the cotton webinar for more details on these technologies.

Watch the Webinar


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