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Increase in Carrot Growth & Key Nutrient Uptake with Foundation LM

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/10/16

In this trial conducted by the Nutrien Ag Solutions Gatton branch, an application of Foundation LM (10 L/ha in furrow at planting) increased carrot growth and uptake of key nutrients in carrot tissue.

In the left photo below, denser leaf growth and a more orange tone was observed in the treated versus untreated carrots. In the photo on the right, which was taken three weeks prior to harvest, carrots in the Foundation LM-treated block were significantly larger than those from the untreated block.


Root tissue testing showed increases in key nutrients in Foundation LM-treated carrots: calcium, boron, phosphorus, and potassium. Higher calcium in the carrot will help to lengthen shelf life, while the potassium increase translates into larger carrots. We expect these good results will translate into an excellent yield.


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