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Increase in Almond Yield with Loveland Agri Products Program

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During the 2016/2017 growing season, a production-scale field trial was conducted to evaluate a Loveland Agri Products nutritional program on nonpareil almonds. Overall, it showed that incorporating Loveland's products into the farm nutrition program was beneficial, increasing almond yield during the trial.

The trial took place at a commercial almond orchard in New South Wales under the agronomic supervision of Landmark Griffith

Trees from two sections of the orchard were treated with the Loveland Agri Products program and compared to trees from two untreated blocks. The Loveland program included Awaken and LoKomotive (used in replacement of potassium nitrate and an NPK/trace nutrients product), as well as Foundation LM and NutriSync D. The orchard’s normal nutrition program was otherwise applied, with no other differences between the treated and untreated blocks. An independent research group (SGS of Mildura) harvested and assessed the crop, comparing fruit yield, kernel length, kernel weight and crack-out from the treated and untreated areas.   

Almond yield was higher (~9.1% greater on average) in the treated area compared to the untreated area. 
When outlying data was removed, the increase in fruit yield from the treated area remained higher and reached statistical significance (P=0.05).


Crack out percentages were similar between treated and untreated samples, but a slightly longer and heavier kernel was produced on Loveland-treated trees.

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