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Rapid Wheat Germination with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar"] 14/11/18

This demonstration shows how using Basis XC can accelerate and enhance wheat germination by improving nutrient release from granular fertiliser.

Seventeen Basis XC-treated fertiliser granules were mixed into the soil in the tray on the right, while untreated fertiliser granules were used in the tray on the left. As you can see, wheat germination is significantly advanced in the tray where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied.


You can also see a similar demo in this 10-day timelapse video, which shows a significant improvement in both wheat and corn germination with Basis XC.

Basis XC is powered by concentrated, naturally derived biochemistry. With Basis XC technology on their granular fertilisers, growers can better ensure that their crop will make the best use of their P and K fertiliser investment.

Learn more about Basis XC by downloading the Basis XC product booklet.

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