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Superior Wheat Performance with Basis XC in South Australia Trials

[fa icon="calendar"] 28/11/17

These photos from several trial sites in South Australia show some of the outstanding visual responses to Basis XC in wheat this year. In the photos, you can see that Basis XC has improved wheat performance both above ground and below. The most frequent visual response is a more vigorous and extensive root system. Additionally, NDVI imagery from the South Hummocks trial site demonstrates how, by improving granular fertiliser efficiency, Basis XC can also improve the yield response in wheat. Basis XC was applied on granular fertiliser at 2 L/tonne in all trials.



In addition to South Hummocks, the Basis XC wheat trials were conducted in paddocks in Callington and Mannum, South Australia. Both vividly demonstrate the root response to Basis XC-treated fertiliser.  


wheat_mannum_basisxc.jpgLearn more about Basis XC and how it can maximise nutrient uptake from applied fertiliser by watching our "Fertiliser Breakdown with Basis XC" video.

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