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Taking Horticulture Crop Production to the Next Level

[fa icon="calendar"] 27/08/17

Broccoli-1.jpgGatton, Queensland is home to much of the fresh produce found in the supermarkets across Australia. Fertile soils paired with favorable temperatures make this area and its surroundings a haven for horticulture production. Landmark agronomists are working to make horticulture in this area even more productive using innovative plant nutrition technologies like Foundation LM and other products in the Loveland Agri Products portfolio.

“We are utilising product technologies that have been extensively researched and trialed to give growers the opportunity to take their production to the next level,” says Landmark agronomist Nev Watts. “It takes a systems approach.”  

Nev's clients are typically having good success with the plant nutrition products he recommends. In a recent evaluation of Loveland nutritional programs in broccoli, the harvesting production lead and farm manager noted that broccoli from the treated block was of a higher quality and had a substantially higher cut weight compared to broccoli from the other blocks.

Whether growing horticulture crops in Queensland or wheat in Western Australia, there are a wide array of exclusive technologies that can help you increase quality and production in various types of crops and growing conditions. Visit your local Landmark retailer to find a program that is tailored to your operation. 

See how Foundation LM helps horticulture crop growers get more out of their fertility programs by accessing the Foundation LM hort crop brochure.

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