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Understanding the Biochemistry in Foundation LM and Basis XC

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lupin-biocatalyst-technology-biochemistryFoundation LM and Basis XC contain concentrated biochemistry that helps growers increase nutrient availability to their crops, enhance root growth and functioning, and improve overall plant performance. But, what exactly is biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. It is created by, in, and from living organisms, such as soil microbes. A number of different biochemistries are created by soil microbes—each serving an important role in soil microbial functioning, and even in plant functioning.

Examples include:

  • Enzymes to break down organic matter or transform N for energy
  • Proteins to signal changes in microbe response
  • Antibiotics to reduce competition
  • Chelators to mobilise nutrients
  • Other compounds to induce plant rooting, change physiological functions, induce immune responses, or increase salt tolerance

Biochemistry provides the tools that bacteria and other microbes need to function in the soil. By controlling the flow of information between soil microorganisms, it regulates everything from the breakdown of bound nutrition by microbes to individual microbe metabolism. It also provides the keys that power Foundation LM and Basis XC.

You can learn more by downloading our booklet, Understanding Soil Microbiology & Biochemistry

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