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Wheat Yield Increase with Basis XC

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/11/21

In a wheat trial harvested earlier this year, utilisation of Basis XC on granular fertiliser led to a wheat yield increase compared to untreated fertiliser.

The wheat variety was Suntop. Basis XC was applied at 2 litres per tonne to Granulock Z fertiliser. Both the treated and untreated fertiliser was applied at 65 kg per hectare.

Frosted conditions were experienced at flowering due to the site elevation. At harvest, wheat grown with the untreated fertiliser yielded 1.65 tonnes/ha while wheat from the Basis XC-treated part of the paddock yielded 2.04 tonnes/ha, a yield increase of +0.39 tonnes/ha. 


Basis XC works to improve the availability of nutrients in granular fertilisers by hastening the breakdown of treated fertiliser granules. This can lead to more efficient nutrient utilisation and help growers get more out of their applied fertilisers. By using Basis XC to enhance nutrient release from applied fertiliser,  growers can minimise their seasonal risk and maximise their wheat yield potential. 

A faster rate of nutrient release resulting in higher yields provides a compelling reason to include Basis XC in your fertiliser program.

Learn how Basis XC can complement your cropping plan by downloading the cropping tech note.

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