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Basis XC Enhancing Wheat Growth in Western Australia Trial

[fa icon="calendar"] 29/07/19

In this wheat trial near Esperance, Western Australia, Basis XC is proving its value by enhancing early wheat growth. The root systems of the young wheat plants are noticeably more developed where Basis XC-treated fertiliser was applied as compared to areas where untreated fertiliser was used. NDVI imagery from the trial supports this observation, indicating greater plant health where Basis XC has been used. 

Wheat Growth with Basis XC

Wheat Growth with Basis XC

By accelerating the breakdown of treated granular fertilisers, Basis XC makes nutrients more available for plant uptake and utilisation, assisting in optimising yield potential. In an analysis of 30 wheat trials from 2016, adding Basis XC to starter fertiliser led to an average wheat yield increase of 126 kg/ha

Learn how Basis XC technology can increase the availability of your applied nutrients and improve wheat performance by talking to your local Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist, viewing our featured studies or downloading the Basis XC booklet.

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