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Improving Feed Quality by Increasing Pasture Nutrient Uptake

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Applying Basis XC-treated single superphosphate (SSP) in dryland pasture considerably increased phosphorus and calcium uptake, a winter 2019 trial in the mid-southeast found, leading to improvements in feed quality.

Treated and untreated SSP was applied to dryland pasture, consisting of lucerne and annual grasses established on calcareous sands, prior to the break of the season (mid-April 2019). Tissue and feed quality tests were later taken on the 27th of August.

In pasture where SSP was treated with Basis XC — which speeds up the rate that granular fertiliser breaks down into plant available forms — tissue tests showed levels of phosphorus and calcium that were 16% and 18% higher, respectively, than in untreated pasture. Sulfur and potassium levels also increased by 8% and 4%, respectively.

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This resulted in a 5.9% increase in dry matter for pasture where SSP was treated with Basis XC, as well as improvements in crude protein (+5.2%), digestibility (+3% for DMD and +2.8% for DOMD), and metabolisable energy (+3.4%), compared to pasture with untreated SSP.

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These results indicate Basis XC could potentially help livestock achieve greater weight gains from the same amount of consumed forage, which could allow farmers to increase stocking rates and improve their fertiliser efficiency.

These results are consistent with results from a demonstration at Lucindale several years ago, which reflected a considerable increase in both macronutrient uptake and associated feed quality with Basis XC-treated SSP fertiliser.

Formulated for direct application onto granular fertilisers, Basis XC helps to improve the availability of applied fertilisers, leading to more efficient nutrient utilisation. It contains a diverse range of beneficial biochemistries that let growers get more out of their applied P & K fertilisers.

Learn how Basis XC can help you improve feed quality by downloading the Basis XC pasture tech note.

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