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Gaining Greater Fertiliser Efficiency with Basis XC

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phosphateGrowers make a significant investment in their fertiliser every year. However, some fertilisers—particularly granular phosphorus and potassium (P and K) fertilisers—are not very efficient in the first season in which they are applied. Using a technology like Basis XC to increase nutrient availability and uptake can assist growers in addressing this problem and improving their fertiliser efficiency.

Typically, only 10-30% of applied phosphorus is able to be utilised by the plant, or recovered, in the first year after application. Although first-year recovery of applied potassium is somewhat better, it's still not optimum, with rates ranging from 20-60%. Overall, these rates aren't ideal for the crop or the grower, especially if soil tests indicate a deficiency.

Low nutrient recovery rates are largely due to interactions in the soil chemistry, especially when it relates to phosphorus. Plants primarily absorb phosphorus in the orthophosphate forms (i.e., H2PO4 and HPO4), which are negatively charged. Strong attractions among positively charged particles (cations), negatively charged particles (anions), and other compounds in the soil can bind phosphorus into forms that are unavailable for plant uptake. If applied phosphorus bonds with positively charged aluminium or calcium in the soil, for example, it won't be readily accessible to the crop.

BasisXC biocatalyst

When applied to granular P and K fertilisers, the concentrated biochemistry in Basis XC can assist with greater nutrient recovery by accelerating the breakdown of treated granular fertilisers, so that nutrients are available more quickly for crop uptake and utilisation. This can lead to increased plant and root growth as well as better yield responses.

Growers who incorporate Basis XC into their farm plans can see their fertiliser investment and their nutrients go further, often with increased fertiliser efficiency each season.

Learn more about using Basis XC by speaking to your local Nutrien Ag Solutions agronomist or by viewing our featured studies.

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